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Welcome home to our beautiful retreat in the heart of Wales.  Vast countryside surrounds you to explore or just to take in through your eyes.  Our outdoor plunge pool, sauna and jacuzzi will help you connect back to nature and feel your energy return.  Our summer safari lodges give you luxury while connecting your feet to nature as you look out onto the beautiful Welsh rolling hills. 

YOga At Golden Grove Retreat

Our purpose built yoga studio is a sanctuary and you will feel at home as soon you step through the doors.  With views that will take your breath away you will instantly feel that sense of calm wash over you.


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Into the Wilderness

“Get lost in the beautiful Welsh Countryside. Rolling hills, green grass, beautiful woodland all at your feet. Feel the the warm embrace of Wales as it helps ground you back into mother nature”

“Evenings spent around the fire pit, looking up at the beautiful sky.  Will you see a shooting star?”

“Our yoga studio offers you a sanctuary away from your busy lives; you learn to become present in the moment again. With outstanding views of the Welsh countryside, you will embrace your connection back to mother nature and feel your power within. Whether you are hosting a retreat or a guest at one of our yoga teachers retreats, you will be well looked after and will leave feeling rejuvenated.”

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